Hey! My name is Andréa Zimmerman but my friends like to call me Dre or Drea.
I've been a flight attendant for 12 years and I used to think it would be the best career for me, one that made my 'real' life 'look' better. It would hide all the things I was hiding. You see, deep down inside, I was struggling. Working 3 jobs to pay off 60K in debt that no matter how hard I worked, it just seemed to increase! I was mentally paralyzed by fear, anxiety, indecision and feelings of unworthiness. It was a never ending cycle of despair and before long, it led me to a total breakdown. 

My search for a way out meant stress leave and trying various anti-depressants that, ironically made me even more depressed. I'd felt like that before...back in my teenage years. It was a profound discovery when I found out I'd been dealing with a significant attention problem I never knew about my whole life!

This realization allowed me to see myself in a different way. I DO have more intelligence than I've given myself credit for! I am capable of more than my diagnoses! Yes, I'm great with people but I have more value than just my social skills. 

As I started taking better care of myself I realized I no longer wanted to be a flight attendant. I couldn't accept the lie I'd told myself! I'm meant for more! It's been a great job and an amazing education for me but I'm spreading my wings further and farther and higher in life than I've ever allowed myself to go. 

Today, I'm Pharma free and in the drivers seat of my brain and in harmony with life. I decided not to stick to a job that gives standby benefits when I can live my passion and create my own freedom that includes spending more time with the people I love and exploring more of this beautiful planet. 

I'm turning my 24hr layovers into a lifetime of adventure! 


Are you a busy professional on the go? Do your thoughts have you feeling overwhelmed and stressed that you’re constantly behind even though you work your butt off? Feelings of being overwhelmed just means you need organization of your thoughts ideas and tasks.  I’ll show you how to treat everything you do as steps towards success of your dreams and aspirations. filling in space filling in space filling in space filling in space


Wellness applies to all of us in all areas of life: physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  Every day, you should feel you have the vitality to accomplish all the things on your to-do list no matter how big or how small.  The Universe isn't the only thing made up of energy...so are we!  It's time to tap into that infinite energy source upgrade the way we feel inside and out. Come and learn more about how we choose to elevate our wellbeing.


 An open mind, a curious spirit are the foundations in reaching higher altitudes on all levels. You have a powerful, resilient, and infinite spirit within you that is unstoppable. To access it, you’ve got to decide that from this moment forward you are going to earn a Ph.D. in life and in creating the outcomes you truly desire.  In order to live a first class life you'll need to begin by thinking and acting in a certain way following the laws of the universe. We can show you how!


Healthy Meal Tips for Pros on the Go!

If you are single and travel a lot for work you can probably relate to coming home to an empty fridge and the pure joy of finding a token pizza pop in the freezer.  The last thing any of us want to do after being away from home is head to a grocery store and have to cook.  Drive through and food delivery adds up quickly and makes us sluggish.  Cooking for one isn’t always easy but there are some simple ways to stay healthy and save time for yourself.  Here’s some easy tips I’ve learned from being a flight attendant that will reduce food waste, extend the money you invested to stay healthy and keep you going through your busy schedule.



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